Our Factory

With more than 4.000 sq meters of independent area, our factory is built in a perfect industrial park. The working part of our factory counts with almost 2.700 sq meters of diaphanous area, with no walls or pillars, with all wiring installations coming from above. We also have 800 extra sq meters for offices and secondary warehouses.
Outside, we have a private parking for all our staff. Also, a recreation area is available for our clients and staff, allowing them to enjoy our excellent weather.

Our Machinery

Most of our profits are invested in getting us better and better every year. Our target is to update and upgrade with the best available machinery and technology. Everything is intended to supply our clients with the required item, at the set deadline and meeting the expected quality. Because of that, technology is the base of our work. We have working lines which allow us to make huge quantities of belts in a short time and just with a few workers. Our production is focused on huge quantities, in a short time at a competitive price. Counting on machinery in amount of EUR 1.000.000, we are able to make meticulous and detailed works, easily and in a short time. We are so proud to be one of the most modern factories in Spain and even, in Europe.

Our Staff

No doubts, priceless. We have the best possible staff. We count with a professional team working in this business time, time ago. They know about the demanding new world and they are committed with this company and their clients.
Our staff always follows the set procedures which were tested and checked to avoid making mistakes. Everybody knows the final target, “to make the perfect leather belt”. What the client wants, in the time he needs.

Nothing is by chance, everything was planned. The procedures and processes were written down, gathered, tested, checked and published. The important manufacturing information is shared and, each event, registered. This is our continuous improvement system. Everybody knows what he/she has to do, when and how to do it. With Parraga & Pielini, there is no time for improvising.

Our Clients

We count on customers with different profiles. Our clients are mainly big chain stores. Some of them are big department stores who sell high quality items on several hundred stores. These clients require a high quality belt, with many details and a special attention to the details. We also supply to huge chain stores, with more than 2.000 stores worldwide and quite complicate purchasing plans. The price is something important for them but also to supply all their stores in a short time once and again.
Our company is able to successfully manage the raw materials as well as the merchandising for all these types of clients. It not a major issue if our client requires a cheap or an expensive item, our clients can sleep easily because our solvency and commitment watch over them.