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Every day, our aim is to get the perfect mixing between tradition and technology. Our biggest asset is the experience of three generations of manufacturers of leather goods.

All this knowledge and know-how together with the cutting-edge machinery are handled and used by a highly experienced and qualified staff. In this way, it doesn’t matter what our client is looking for, we are able to supply him it.

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How We Made It?

We make our belts, from the beginning to the end. From the selection of the raw materials to the packing issues, we take charge of all what client might need. We mainly work with Spanish and European suppliers, since our strong spot is to supply our clients with huge quantities of belts in a short time. Working with European supplier is quite easy to get the certificated and tests that big brands need nowadays.

Our quality system and extremely efficient management allows us to supply our clients with the same product once and again. It doesn’t matter how long our client ordered it and how many orders he placed. His product will be always as required.

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Our factory is placed in Ecija, in the South of Spain. We are located right on one of the main motorways of Europe (E5). Our excellent location allows us to reach any European country in just 3-4 working days. Also, we are quite close to Algeciras, just 297Km separate us from one of the biggest and most important European ports.

Parraga & Pielini S.L.U
P. La Lagunilla,
C/ Villanueva del Rey, 55
41400, Écija (Sevilla) SPAIN

+34 954 832 651
+34 954 833 714

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